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• February 21st, 2015 •

Welcome to our brand new portrait blog. We’re excited to show you some of our latest and greatest portrait creations, as well as keep you connected with what’s going on at Anthony Conoway Portrait Design.

2015 is starting off to be a really great year, and we’re only in February. You’ll want to make sure that you keep up with our blog and Facebook page.

Year after year we have consistently created classic, elegant, traditional fine portraiture – pleasing our clients and giving them the very best we have to offer. No, classic is not old school; we just decided years ago that we would not go down the road of the faddish trends. It’s classic portrait photography that will stand the test of time and never go out of style. Though sometimes our vision may lead us in a classic, contemporary way, it’s still classic and would be great wall décor in your home or office. We call our style “Timeless Elegance”.

This year allow us to create a beautiful wall portrait for you and your family; whether children, high senior, executive or our beautiful elegant woman series. We’d love to be your portrait artist. We’d love to get to know you and you know us.

I’d like to start off by posting one of our favorite Valentine portraits from this month. Meet Donna Kaufman, what a beautiful heart and spirited woman. Donna is a lobbyist on Capitol Hill, and a breast cancer survivor, on numerous fronts. She is a seven year survivor who now focuses her life on health and fitness, and of course lobbying and fighting as a cancer advocate. Donna has faced cancer head on and is living life victoriously.

Don’t forget to share our blog with your family and friends and we’ll look forward to meeting you soon!

Image 1_Donna

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